Important Components of Special Ed Schools that Make them Effective Mediums of Special Education

April 21, 2011

The case of learning impairments among students in colleges and universities is an extremely important mental health issue that should be given appropriate attention. Parents also suffer firsthand the constant aftermath of such impairments on their students. And as such, they are the primary responsible in looking after their students by providing them only the best choices of special ed schools. Since learning impairment has several different types, students diagnosed suffering from it show varying symptoms as well as their specific academic weaknesses. Because of this, not all special ed schools are well prepared in handling all the academic needs of every learning disabled student. Therefore, it is extremely crucial for every parent to be more mindful on the important factors that should compose the very institution that will handle the learning disability case of their students.

Number of Students inside the Campus
Because of the high prevalence of learning disability cases on college students, a lot of special ed schools have been established. But not all of these campuses are fully functional and dependable when it comes to providing the needed remedy for each of these learning impaired individuals. There can be lots of ways to conduct one’s special homework and personal investigation and one of which is by looking into the LD or Learning Disability population of the schools. A higher number of enrolled special students indicate that the school has already been known by the public as a reliable institution. A smaller one just shows that parents might have to think twice before getting into these schools.

System of Special Education Programs
A spectrum of special education programs is required for each school specialized in handling students with learning disability cases. The system must be designed in high accordance with the varying needs of students in academics and must be composed of multifunctional special education programs that can work favorably on the weaknesses of the students on their studies. A good special education system helps students forget about their disabilities and greatly improves their performances in school at the same time.

Dependable Special Education Staff
In some cases, a wide variety of programs are implemented on certain special ed schools. However, these programs are at times difficult to acquire as well as the personnel and staff that compose the special education department in the said schools. Having a learning disability is already a heavy burden for the students. And it is even a heavier and more difficult task to affirm their present mental situation to other people. People that empower these special education programs should find effective ways that will help encourage learning disabled individuals to disclose their impairments and acquire the needed assistive programs.

Accessibility on the worldwide web
The internet technology has already become an essential component on almost all successful transactions. It provides high accessibility on a long array of useful tools that help deliver fast, accurate, and hassle free transactions. Incorporating this technology unto the special education system implemented by special ed schools greatly improve their effectiveness.

Teachers serve as the bloodline of special ed schools and the building blocks of the said institution. It is therefore important to give much importance on the skills and general capability of teachers when it comes to handling a class of learning impaired students. How students improve in school also directly depends on how well their teachers handle them in school.


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Important Factors Teachers in Special Ed Schools Must Have

April 21, 2011

Through time, more and more people are being diagnosed with learning disabilities particularly those who are enrolled in colleges and universities. These learning impaired students have varying academic needs and governments work coordinately with parents develop strategies that will meet those needs. These strategies work even more effectively with special ed schools being multifunctional in developing as well as implementing special education programs. Parents on the other hand, bear the responsibility of taking the initiative in seeking all the necessary assistive programs appropriate for the student’s disabilities. But then, parents should also look deeper into the constructs of these colleges and universities that utilize a system for special education. Teachers who are considered as firm foundations of these institutions must also possess the needed characteristics and skills in order for them to effectively perform their responsibilities.

Special education teachers are not regular teachers. They bear an extremely important responsibility of helping learning impaired students cope with their academic deficits thus, they must be emotionally, intellectually, and psychologically prepared. Moreover, the presence of special tools and equipment are also important. The following is a list of the special characteristics of teachers that are crucial in determining the effectiveness of special ed schools:

• Patience is a virtue and a must among special ed teachers – teaching is a profession that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Handling a class of 30 – 50 students is not a joke and may require a lot of patience. And this is even a much harder task for teachers handling students with a variety of learning disabilities. Compared to regular students, learning impaired individuals are a few level behind when it comes to comprehending lessons, retrieving information from memory, general reading and writing skills, and lots more. Therefore, teachers should be able to deliver the lessons with more patience and understanding with their students’ present situation.

• Being well organized is the key – teachers in special ed schools should be well organized on all things and aspects that are directly and indirectly involved to their teaching profession. Keeping things well organized inside a classroom helps establish an environment that is conducive to learning. Such type of arrangement should be strictly followed and implemented among classrooms for special students since they need all the necessary aid in improving their study and learning skills.

• Whole hearted acceptance towards learning disabilities of students – according to studies, some students with learning impairments who were not enrolled under special education experienced total failure mainly out of the negative reactions from their teachers and peers due to their poor academic performances. Providing these special students a sense of belonging has a great impact on the improvement of their academic skills.

• Resourcefulness is the key with the touch of creativity – because of their disabilities, special students are observably far behind their classmates and peers when it comes to their level of intellectual capability. Teachers therefore, must be able to think out of the box and come up with bright new ideas to effectively help their students cope with their academic deficits as well as enjoy every learning experience.

• Optimism – every school day is a struggle for every learning impaired student. Their self-esteem is low and may seem to be losing hope by the minute. As secondary parents, teachers need to give these students a sense of hope and be able to see the good in them.

Special ed schools are extremely essential components in overcoming the challenges that underlie in every learning disability. It is composed of various factors that should be given with much consideration in order for every parent to provide the best special education program possible for the student.

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Carefully Handling Stimulants for a Safe and Effective Treatment Attention Deficit Disorder

April 19, 2011


Students who have been diagnosed with ADHD can acquire treatment attention deficit disorder in two major forms. But despite the fact that highest effectiveness can only be achieved by acquiring both methods of treatment, a majority of people with ADHD / ADD prefer utilizing medications alone. And among the ADHD drugs, stimulants are most popularly known and most widely used by patients. This type of drugs works by increasing the amount of a specific neurotransmitter known as dopamine which present in the brain. But then, stimulants as ADHD drugs are not that easily acquired. It requires an official prescription along with dosage instructions from doctors before a person can use them. But due to its side effects and other purposes that can be taken out of stimulants, these drugs are often abused. This then results to other health complications on a person.

Factors that lead to substance abuse on stimulants. . .
Stimulants are not just good as treatment attention deficit disorder. They are also used on other purposes such as taking control over one’s appetite who wants to lose some weight and as a performance enhancement drugs to help athletes further improve in their sports careers. Part of the many adverse effects that can be expected out of stimulants includes improved alertness and ability to stay focused which can be very advantageous for a person engaged in sports. However, stimulants have also been found out to give off euphoric effects on a person who has inhaled or injected by such drug. This is done by pulverizing the substance before dissolving it into water. Abusers may feel good about it and become addictive but little did they know that addiction will eventually lead to more serious health problems.

Problems caused by stimulant abuse. . .
Taking stimulants as treatment attention deficit disorder can only be effective and safe when doctor supervision is present and if the patient follows exactly what the doctor prescribes. However, a lot of people with ADHD become tempted with abusing the substance and eventually suffer the following consequences:

• Dramatic blood pressure increase
• A person can experience difficulty in sleeping and disturbance in appetite
• Heart attacks and other heart ailments
• Paranoia

Apart from the aforementioned consequences, stimulant abuse has a long line of adverse effects. Because of this, medical experts and parents of students with ADHD should be stricter and extra careful when it comes to utilizing stimulants as treatment attention deficit disorder. What’s even worse is that there can still be some more complications during and after stimulant withdrawal form a person addicted by it.


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Vision Therapy as Treatment Attention Deficit Disorder: How it can Help Improve One’s Focus and ADD Symptoms

April 19, 2011

Up until now, a lot of people are still not able to fully understand the case about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as a learning impairment. If you look deeper into such disorder, you will find a very wide variety of signs and symptoms. Not only that, each person with ADD can have different levels of severity regarding the symptoms that show. Furthermore, a lot of studies have found out that each and every symptom that shows has different triggering factors. Because of this, mental health experts and researchers have devised various modes of treatment attention deficit disorder as effective responses for persons with different cases of ADHD / ADD.

About Vision Therapy
Through the years, Vision Therapy has been proven to be a very effective treatment attention deficit disorder. One of the most predominant features or symptoms of a person diagnosed with ADHD is that he simply has certain difficulties when it comes to focusing his attention on a particular thing. Most medical researchers believe that the person’s poor visual skills greatly contribute on the development of the said ADD symptom. Every individual has visual skills which are primarily composed of fixation, focus change, binocular fusion, visual tracking, and visualization. If these certain skills aren’t maturely developed, a person is most likely to have problems with his focus and attention. However, vision therapy is a type of treatment attention deficit disorder is specifically designed to help an individual further enhance his visual skills and enjoy the following benefits:

• Improved reading and writing skills
• Able to effectively participate conversations that require prolonged focus and attention
• Has the capability to absorb all data and information that are visually acquired
• Improved alertness

Vision therapy is just one of the many types and effective methods of treatment attention deficit disorder. Different types of ADHD / ADD cases require different modes of treatment thus, students as well as parents should be more aware of the long line of treatments to choose from. Through the proper guidance of a doctor, the most appropriate mode of treatment attention deficit disorder will be acquired.


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Eating the Right and Healthy Diet as the Proper Treatment Attention Deficit Disorder

April 19, 2011

Even without the presence of ADHD, maintaining a healthy diet is extremely essential for most individual especially for those who have already been diagnosed or are suffering from various health problems. Strictly following a healthy diet lets you enjoy different benefits such as enhanced immunity and a firmer mental health. Due to the presence of manufactured foods that contain high levels of chemical colorings and preservatives, more and more people have been slowly developing the common symptoms of ADHD. Furthermore, it has also been found out that people who got exposed to this kind of foods at an earlier age have greater risks towards ADHD. And out of these findings, health experts strongly encourage students and their families to seek sufficient information about the right set of foods that make up an ideal healthy diet. Proper treatment attention deficit disorder also requires these individuals to become knowledgeable enough about certain vitamins and minerals and their crucial role and contribution towards overcoming or preventing ADHD.

It is equally important for every individual diagnosed with ADHD to have enough knowledge about the different unhealthy eating practices and habits people have these days which are believed to have greatly contributed to the development of the symptoms of the said disorder. These are:

• Too much love on sugar and refined flour – sweets being addictive is a common case especially amongst children. Latest findings have revealed that about 90% of children are addicted to sweets even before they reach the age of 4.
• Parents take less regard in the proper nutritional intake of their children – unconsciously, a lot of parents these days don’t have enough time to focus on providing their children with healthy diets appropriate for their age. An alarming 10% of children get the needed amounts of nutrition. Generally, a healthy diet is important not only on children but also among college students that greatly need to be physically and mentally fit at all times.
• Chemically based food additives – commercially manufactured foods of today look delicious and taste good only because of the chemicals added unto them. Because of their addictive tastes and attractive appearances, more and more individuals have been ingesting chemicals far too many which are a great factor in the development of ADHD symptoms.

Healthy Foods and the Right Vitamins as Treatment Attention Deficit Disorder
Sodium benzoate is a specific type and identified chemical found in foods which must be avoided. It is used as a food coloring and is often present in commercialized foods. Moreover, eating the right foods emerges as an effective method in avoiding or overcoming ADHD symptoms. Proper diet as treatment attention deficit disorder includes more protein and fewer carbohydrates. Vitamins such as B complex and C are also great factors in resolving ADHD symptoms.


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Psychotherapeutic Interventions as Essential Components in Effective Treatment Attention Deficit Disorder

April 19, 2011

When medications or drugs are used as the only treatment attention deficit disorder, patients can only expect less effective results. The main reason why a lot of people take for granted the importance of psychotherapeutic interventions is that they are only regarded as mere alternatives and as recommended or as integral parts of the whole ADHD treatment. Medications or ADHD drugs should be taken alongside psychotherapeutic interventions wherein both methods perform specific and distinct tasks in the overall success of the treatment attention deficit disorder.

Through the aid of these interventions, families and students with ADHD will be provided with the right and proper techniques when it comes to responding with various ADHD symptoms. Various advantages are also offered when psychotherapeutic interventions are utilized as well. These are:

• Gain effective strategies in responding with various ADHD symptoms
• Significantly improved self-confidence and awareness on self’s importance despite the present condition
• Students with ADHD can properly determine their strengths and make significant improvements
• Become more capable in dealing with the common problems faced in the day to day challenges of life
• Become more capable in behavioral control
• Can then come up with own techniques to live normally despite their disabilities

Why behavioral therapy is important?
Through the aid of behavioral therapy, behaviors shown by a student with ADHD are clearly emphasized. This specific type of therapy helps individuals diagnosed with ADHD become well capable in generating their own techniques to adjust or respond with their ADHD symptoms and acquire the needed benefits. Instead of making proper identification on the main causes of ADHD symptoms, behavioral therapy provides more focus in developing the most appropriate solutions. As an essential component of treatment attention deficit disorder this particular type of therapy is also comprised of fun learning and physically developing activities.

What social skills training is all about. . .
Students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are commonly known to have poor handling skills when it comes to maintaining relationships with friends and relatives. When a person with ADHD undergoes social skills training, he is educated with the right strategies to overcome socially unacceptable behavior. Literally, their social skills are also further developed as part of the treatment attention deficit disorder.


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Stimulant Drugs Used as Treatment Attention Deficit Disorder: Pros and Cons

April 19, 2011

A lot of people with ADHD have been used with various types of medications as their primary mode of treatment attention deficit disorder. But then, it is still strongly advised to utilize both two forms of treatment in order to gain utmost effectiveness in dealing with ADHD / ADD symptoms. Drugs used as treatment attention deficit disorder has a lot of factors and details involved which deserve to be well understood.

Stimulant Drugs
Stimulant drugs are the most common and most widely used type of medication as treatment attention deficit disorder. Stimulants are even categorized into two more sub-types depending on their active ingredients namely, Amphetamines and Methylphenidate. The primary goal of using stimulant drugs is to provide a favorable increase of dopamine within the brain to help students with ADHD improve their focus, attention, and other brain functions that have been severely affected by ADHD. Stimulants do not instantly increase the dopamine levels within the brain in great amounts. This neurotransmitter is gradually increased to help the brain become more adaptive with the changes made. Some of the well-known drugs used as treatment attention deficit disorder are:

• Adderall XR
• Concerta
• Cylert
• Daytrana
• Dexedrine Dextrostat
• Focalin
• Ritalin
• Strattera
• Tenex

Advantages of Stimulant Drugs
Based on the previous cases of ADHD in adults, stimulant drugs as treatment attention deficit disorder are generally effective. These drugs are often the most effective responses in treating ADHD symptoms such as hyperactivity and impulsivity. Focus and attention skills of an individual also benefits greatly on these drugs. Stimulants are also popular on students with ADHD who are keener to sports since they can also improve movement coordination. Before, adults with ADD take more amounts of drugs as treatment attention deficit disorder. However, advanced research and medical technology paved the way for more effective drugs from which the needed daily dosage is significantly cut by half. If patients follow strictly on the prescriptions and advise of the doctor, stimulants are expected to provide safe and effective results.

Adverse Effects of Stimulant Drugs
All types of drugs used as treatment attention deficit disorder have almost the same kinds of side effects to be expected when utilized. Although there can be a possibility of having serious side effects, they can still be avoided provided that patients follow the instructions and guidance of their doctors. Some of the common adverse effects to be expected are:

• Loss of appetite – like any other types of highly formulated drugs with active ingredients, stimulant drugs when used as treatment attention deficit disorder can cause loss of appetite. In most cases, people taking stimulant drugs lose their appetite at lunch time but can expect to have them normalized on or before dinner.
• Lack of sleep – difficulty in sleeping is another notable side effect in stimulant drugs. This particular side effect should be provided with immediate attention since lack of sleep can be stressful and can only worsen the case of ADHD of the person. To overcome such side effect, a glass of milk before bed is an effective relief.
• Anxiety problems and irritability – these are also side effects that can be experienced by people taking stimulant drugs as their primary treatment attention deficit disorder. However, bear in mind that the aforementioned side effects are temporary.


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