Extra Care and Attention Needed in Providing Stimulants as Attention Deficit Disorder Cure

Extra Care and Attention Needed in Providing Stimulants as Attention Deficit Disorder Cure


Basically, there are two forms of treatments used in the case of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The most commonly used is medication wherein stimulant drugs are more widely accepted. However, special precautions are also needed to be set in the use of these stimulants as primary attention deficit disorder cure.

Medication and psychotherapeutic interventions are the two main methods of treating ADHD. Although it is generally mandatory to utilize the two methods to get the best results, most people rely on medication alone for it is far more reachable and easily accessible. Stimulants are very effective in the sense that they increase the dopamine levels of the brain which are commonly responsible in the brain’s specific function in relation to attention, movement, and pleasure. As attention deficit disorder cure, stimulants are administered in prescribed amounts by the doctor. However, there have already been many cases that these stimulant drugs are being abused and result to having more physical and mental health problems aside from ADHD.

Reasons why stimulants are being abused. . .

Stimulants also have other purposes apart from being a primary component of attention deficit disorder cure. They have been found effective in suppressing appetite which is a positive effect for those who are after a firmer and slimmer physique. Furthermore, these drugs are also used as performance enhancement as the common side-effects of stimulants include increased alertness, focus, and attention. But the most alarming purpose of drug abusers on stimulants is its euphoric effect it has when it is snorted or injected. In most cases, stimulants are crushed and are dissolved in water before being injected. Stimulants may provide these interesting effects on man. But what these abusers don’t realize is that these effects are temporary and more complications will imminently arise in time.

Negative Effects of Stimulant Abuse

In controlled and highly supervised dosage, stimulants can prove to be very helpful. But when being abused, these adverse effects and complications can be expected:

  • Alarming increase of blood pressure and heart rate
  • Malnutrition due to lack of sleep and decreased appetite
  • Stroke and other cardiovascular complications
  • Feelings of hostility and paranoia

Provided above are just some of the many adverse effects that can be expected out of stimulant abuse. These effects are simply the reason why using stimulants as attention deficit disorder cure should be administered with strict supervision from the doctor. And even upon withdrawal, a stimulant abuser can still experience a number or negative effects such as fatigue, disturbed sleep patterns, and depression.

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