Chemically Based Food Additives and Unhealthy Diet as Cause of ADHD: Getting the Right Nutrition as Attention Deficit Disorder Cure

Having a proper diet is always important. It doesn’t just help us maintain a good and healthy physique but it also provides an individual a stronger immunity against various types of illnesses and even those that concern mental health. According to recent studies conducted by experts and professionals in the field of mental health, it was found out that exposing an individual to unhealthy and chemically added foods from their childhood provide a higher risk in developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. And as a simple response to this complex cause, parents and students need to know the right and proper diet and meal plans to help them overcome various challenges laid down by such learning impairment. Attention deficit disorder cure also encourages them to know the essential vitamins that have a crucial role in the development as well as in the proper functioning of the brain which is the most severely affected by the said disorder.

But before that, individuals first need to know the malpractices a lot of people have been committing in this generation that greatly contributed in the fast increasing population of college students with ADHD in various colleges and universities. These include:

• Being addicted to sugar and refined flour – researchers have found out that the addiction to unhealthy sweets have become very alarming particularly in children. Their studies exposed that 9 out of 10 children start getting addicted to sugar and refined flour by the time they reach age 4.
• Parents give less attention in providing the proper nutritional needs of their children – due to busy lifestyles and less knowledge about proper nutrition, only 1 in every 10 children are able to enjoy the benefits of having a proper diet. Proper nutrition is very essential not in children but also in college students that are very vulnerable to stress and physical exhaustion.
• Food additives – commercially produced foods and candies these days use various types of food additives particularly those that require food colorings. A lot of individuals of today have already become addicted to these kinds of foods and ingestion of these chemicals found on foods contributes to the development as well as worsening cases of ADHD.

Proper Diet and Essential Vitamins as Attention Deficit Disorder Cure
One particular food additive that needs to be avoided is sodium benzoate. It is a highly chemical based food coloring used on various commercially marketed foods of today. Furthermore, a proper diet is also seen as the main solution for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Apart from incorporating increased amounts of protein and smaller carbohydrates in their daily meal plans, college students should also give much attention to essential vitamins needed in proper brain functioning. These are Vitamins B, B3, B5 and B6, and Vitamin C.


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