Vision Therapy: Proposed Attention Deficit Disorder Cure and Improve One’s Ability to Pay Attention

The case of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as a learning disability among college students is difficult to bear and understand. It has a very long line of signs and symptoms with varying levels of severity to consider. Apart from that, these signs and symptoms are also believed to have different causal factors that trigger them into becoming part of the whole learning disability. And out of these causes, various types of attention deficit disorder cure have been proposed.

Vision Therapy
From the long array of various treatment methods that have been developed for ADHD, vision therapy is among the most effective. One common and highly noticeable problem among students with ADHD is the difficulty or inability to pay attention in most instances. Vision therapy is designed specifically to further improve the person’s visual skills. Basically, vision skills are very crucial for an individual to pay attention. An in depth- understanding would introduce various skills that comprise the visual skills of a person such as focus change, visual tracking, fixation, visualization, and binocular fusion. Underdevelopment of these skills is seen as one of man causes of a person’s inability to pay attention. Vision therapy as attention deficit disorder cure improves these skills and lets students enjoy various benefits in being able to pay attention which include:

• Diminished errors in reading and writing
• Maintaining focus and attention to conversations and discussions
• Able to effectively comprehend all details and information from what they see and hear
• More alert

Apart from vision therapy, there are still lots of types of attention deficit disorder cure to be utilized as effective responses on the varying signs and symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Students and parent should be more updated and alert in determining and acquiring all the needed and available therapies and medications that are most appropriate to the specific cases of ADHD among their students. Conclusively, the overall success of these treatments greatly relies on the patient / parents and mental health experts working hand in hand together.


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