Esref Armagan (Blind)

How do you paint when you cannot see? For 35 years, Esref Armagan has been using his artistic talent to create some of the best pieces of art that the world has ever seen. Esref was born blind, but it has not stopped him from doing what he loves to do, which is oil paint.

He uses his fingers to apply the oil paints, rather than a brush. It is amazing that Esref can creare such unique and magnificent art pieces, given that he has no training in art whatsoever (not to mention that he is blind). His pieces of art are displayed in many art galleries around the world, including those in Turkey, the Czech Republic, and Holland.

It is inspirational to see the colors and creativity exemplified by Esrefs’ paintings. He has even painted a portrait of Bill Clinton, while only receiving help in tracing a photograph of him, which he later filled in. What is most impressive is not the uniqueness of his art work, but that he has never seen the things that he paints. Therefore, all he has to guide him while painting is what he is told by others, as well as, his imagination own imagination. Is it very difficult to imagine painting something without seeing it first, but Esref achieves this with both grace and beauty.

Through determination to do something that he has a passion for, Esref has given himself a new way of seeing through his own art. He has also impressed art critics worldwide and was provided with the honour of being the host at the VS art festival, which is an indication of great admiration among artists.
Esref is a great example of how one can take their limitations in life and turn them into opportunities. More specifically, he demonstrates that being blind cannot stop someone from becoming a painter if they have a true passion for art.

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