Gabe Marsh (Physical Handicap)

Who says a six-year-old cannot swim without an arm and both legs? Not Gabe Marsh. He says different. He is part of the swim team for his school in Guntersville, Alabama and has already placed second when competing against other schools and is destined for #1 with his “go-get-‘em” attitude. His physical handicap does not seem to have a detrimental effect on his swimming at all.
Just like every other kid at his school, Gabe enjoys a normal life, with his favourite things being cars and macaroni and cheese. Having nine other siblings is also a gift for Gabe who learns how to live normally through the love and affection of his family.
Just like all the other members of the swim team that compete with Gabe, he uses the block to propel himself into the water. This six-year-old has a bright future ahead of him. Gabe wants to win a couple of swimming ribbons, a goal that is certainly not out of reach for a determined child like him. His passion for swimming and determination is not thwarted by any obstacles that life presents to him. Most people cannot complete the 18-20 laps of a pool that Gabe excels at.

“After having Gabe, he needs no
More care than any other child I have.
He goes. He does what anybody else does,”
his mother Ann Marsh admits.

Not only is he an inspiration to people who live with physical handicaps, he is also an inspiration to his teammates who look to Gabe for advice and as a source of determination. Giving a voice to many and not even realizing the impact he has on other people, that is what truly makes Gabe unique. With a determination to win and a determination to fit in with his peers, there is no doubt that Gabe Marsh is here to be an inspiration for others.

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