Stimulant Drugs Used as Treatment Attention Deficit Disorder: Pros and Cons

A lot of people with ADHD have been used with various types of medications as their primary mode of treatment attention deficit disorder. But then, it is still strongly advised to utilize both two forms of treatment in order to gain utmost effectiveness in dealing with ADHD / ADD symptoms. Drugs used as treatment attention deficit disorder has a lot of factors and details involved which deserve to be well understood.

Stimulant Drugs
Stimulant drugs are the most common and most widely used type of medication as treatment attention deficit disorder. Stimulants are even categorized into two more sub-types depending on their active ingredients namely, Amphetamines and Methylphenidate. The primary goal of using stimulant drugs is to provide a favorable increase of dopamine within the brain to help students with ADHD improve their focus, attention, and other brain functions that have been severely affected by ADHD. Stimulants do not instantly increase the dopamine levels within the brain in great amounts. This neurotransmitter is gradually increased to help the brain become more adaptive with the changes made. Some of the well-known drugs used as treatment attention deficit disorder are:

• Adderall XR
• Concerta
• Cylert
• Daytrana
• Dexedrine Dextrostat
• Focalin
• Ritalin
• Strattera
• Tenex

Advantages of Stimulant Drugs
Based on the previous cases of ADHD in adults, stimulant drugs as treatment attention deficit disorder are generally effective. These drugs are often the most effective responses in treating ADHD symptoms such as hyperactivity and impulsivity. Focus and attention skills of an individual also benefits greatly on these drugs. Stimulants are also popular on students with ADHD who are keener to sports since they can also improve movement coordination. Before, adults with ADD take more amounts of drugs as treatment attention deficit disorder. However, advanced research and medical technology paved the way for more effective drugs from which the needed daily dosage is significantly cut by half. If patients follow strictly on the prescriptions and advise of the doctor, stimulants are expected to provide safe and effective results.

Adverse Effects of Stimulant Drugs
All types of drugs used as treatment attention deficit disorder have almost the same kinds of side effects to be expected when utilized. Although there can be a possibility of having serious side effects, they can still be avoided provided that patients follow the instructions and guidance of their doctors. Some of the common adverse effects to be expected are:

• Loss of appetite – like any other types of highly formulated drugs with active ingredients, stimulant drugs when used as treatment attention deficit disorder can cause loss of appetite. In most cases, people taking stimulant drugs lose their appetite at lunch time but can expect to have them normalized on or before dinner.
• Lack of sleep – difficulty in sleeping is another notable side effect in stimulant drugs. This particular side effect should be provided with immediate attention since lack of sleep can be stressful and can only worsen the case of ADHD of the person. To overcome such side effect, a glass of milk before bed is an effective relief.
Anxiety problems and irritability – these are also side effects that can be experienced by people taking stimulant drugs as their primary treatment attention deficit disorder. However, bear in mind that the aforementioned side effects are temporary.


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