Isaac Newton (Bipolar)

Sir Isaac Newton is a true inspiration to people who live with disabilities. He was a theologian, mathematician, natural philosopher and alchemist, but he was best known as a physicist. In achieving such recognition he had to overcome numerous obstacles. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had a stutter that persisted his entire life. Despite the resulting emotional difficulties, which affected him on a daily basis, he became a member of English parliament, which is a very strenuous job for any individual. In addition to these emotional struggles, he also suffered from epilepsy and had bouts of seizures throughout his life.

The basic concept of gravity can be accredited to Isaac Newton and his ingenious experiments. Newton’s discovery of the concept of gravity speaks to his curiosity about life and his determination to overcome the hurdles that he faced in life. He showed an unrelenting interest in life and its mysteries and had an insatiable desire for acquiring and seeking more knowledge.

Isaac Newton demonstrates that people with disabilities are just as capable as those who do not have disabilities. If anything, maybe these so-called handicaps are actually gifts in disguise that allow people discover the great inner strength that they possess.

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