Neil Young (Epilepsy)

Anyone who is familiar with Crosby, Stills Nash and Young, know how good their music. Even better is the music produced by Neil Young, once he had become a solo artist. Neil Young is also an icon in the music community because he has overcome many obstacles, such as living with epilepsy, diabetes and polio.

Despite, the medical procedures that he has endured as a result of these health conditions, he still manages to create inspirational songs and to express his political views through his music. Within days of learning that he had epilepsy he went into hiding for a few days and used the pain resulting from finding out about his illness to write uplifting songs to inspire others. How is that for coping with the diagnosis?

When Neil was six years-old he was diagnosed with polio, which rendered him unable to walk. Therefore, he had to relearn how to walk, just as an infant must do, which demonstrated his great determination to overcome obstacles that he would face in life. He wanted to share his unique personality and political views with the world, and he has done exactly that. He has experienced and overcome many illnesses that could have made him feel helpless and hopeless, but he chose to overcome these difficulties and to use his personal experiences as an inspiration for his music, to improve his quality of life, and to inspire other people throughout the world.

Not only did Neil Young have to overcome his own health problems, two of his children were also diagnosed with cerebral palsy. However, this did not stop Neil Young from becoming an icon in the music industry. He is still very active in writing and producing music and continues to use his life experiences as an inspiration for his music.

Neil Young is not only known for his music, but also for the way in which he views life. He does not see life as a burden, rather as an opportunity to grow, which should be embraced by everyone. He is an amazing artist and an inspirational human being and should always be revered as one.

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