Will Smith (ADHD)

You know who he is. His roles in numerous movies, such as Men in Black, Enemy of the State, and the Pursuit of Happiness have made his name renowned in Hollywood. What I bet you did not know about Will Smith is the he has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). You would never have guessed this, given his successful acting career. However, ADHD may simply be a new word for “really good multi-taskers.”

Will Smith has accepted and embraced his disability as a tool that could him improve his acting career, rather than as a burden that could only serve to adversely affect his success. However, acting is not the only area in which Will Smith has excelled. He is also recognized as a rapper and is a father of two children. Will Smith’s diverse achievements demonstrate how something that is perceived as a “disability” by other people can be used as an inspiration for success if it is embraced and seen as a gift.

Therefore, when ADHD is misinterpreted as being “annoying” or “exhausting” the positive aspects of ADHD are overlooked. For, it can inspire one to become a successful actor or musician and to pursue any career that one desires (well, maybe not a birdwatcher). Take it from Will Smith who knows how to become successful, despite the challenges of being in the spotlight.

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