Best Techniques to Handle Ineffective ADHD Medication

As time goes by, more and more types of drugs have been developed to become an integral part of ADHD treatment. But despite the careful formulation of each medication, there is no full assurance that each drug will work perfectly on all patients with ADHD. A particular drug may work more effectively and faster on a person but can be inconsistent on another. Therefore, it is very crucial for each individual with ADHD to be well equipped with sufficient and proper knowledge about such medications as well as effective strategies or ways to deal with an ineffective ADHD treatment.

Examples of ADHD Drugs
There are several types of drugs used as part of ADHD treatment and individuals with ADHD need to determine which drugs are available on the market today before focusing on their adverse effects. These drugs include:

Adderall / Adderall XR
• Daytrana
• Desoxyn
• Dexedrine
• Focalin / Focalin XR
• Metadate ER / Metadate CD
• Ritalin / Ritalin SR / Ritalin LA

Why some drugs on ADHD treatment are ineffective on other people?
Although the drugs mentioned above are already proven as effective ADHD treatment, there will still be some isolated cases for a particular drug to be ineffective on certain individuals. There is also a possibility for a specific ADHD drug to work ineffectively on the first try but may prove worthy on the 2nd or 3rd try. Yet still, there are cases for a particular drug used on ADHD treatment to be totally ineffective on certain individuals. Following is a list of possible explanations why such a thing happens on some cases and the best solutions to deal with this kind of situations:

• The drugs mentioned above are specially formulated for ADHD alone. One possible reason why any of the said drugs doesn’t work is maybe because the patient really doesn’t have ADHD at all. A lot of symptoms of ADHD are very much alike to those of autism, chronic anxiety, and many others.
• Most of individuals with ADHD only use the aforementioned drugs as their ADHD treatment. Most of these drugs are specially formulated to work proactively with psychotherapeutic interventions.
• In some situations, ADHD is treated through combined therapy. So before taking any type of medication as part of ADHD treatment, it is highly recommended to seek advice of the doctor.



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