Carefully Handling Stimulants for a Safe and Effective Treatment Attention Deficit Disorder


Students who have been diagnosed with ADHD can acquire treatment attention deficit disorder in two major forms. But despite the fact that highest effectiveness can only be achieved by acquiring both methods of treatment, a majority of people with ADHD / ADD prefer utilizing medications alone. And among the ADHD drugs, stimulants are most popularly known and most widely used by patients. This type of drugs works by increasing the amount of a specific neurotransmitter known as dopamine which present in the brain. But then, stimulants as ADHD drugs are not that easily acquired. It requires an official prescription along with dosage instructions from doctors before a person can use them. But due to its side effects and other purposes that can be taken out of stimulants, these drugs are often abused. This then results to other health complications on a person.

Factors that lead to substance abuse on stimulants. . .
Stimulants are not just good as treatment attention deficit disorder. They are also used on other purposes such as taking control over one’s appetite who wants to lose some weight and as a performance enhancement drugs to help athletes further improve in their sports careers. Part of the many adverse effects that can be expected out of stimulants includes improved alertness and ability to stay focused which can be very advantageous for a person engaged in sports. However, stimulants have also been found out to give off euphoric effects on a person who has inhaled or injected by such drug. This is done by pulverizing the substance before dissolving it into water. Abusers may feel good about it and become addictive but little did they know that addiction will eventually lead to more serious health problems.

Problems caused by stimulant abuse. . .
Taking stimulants as treatment attention deficit disorder can only be effective and safe when doctor supervision is present and if the patient follows exactly what the doctor prescribes. However, a lot of people with ADHD become tempted with abusing the substance and eventually suffer the following consequences:

• Dramatic blood pressure increase
• A person can experience difficulty in sleeping and disturbance in appetite
• Heart attacks and other heart ailments
• Paranoia

Apart from the aforementioned consequences, stimulant abuse has a long line of adverse effects. Because of this, medical experts and parents of students with ADHD should be stricter and extra careful when it comes to utilizing stimulants as treatment attention deficit disorder. What’s even worse is that there can still be some more complications during and after stimulant withdrawal form a person addicted by it.


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