Drugs Used for ADHD Treatment and Their Underlying Essential Factors

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder both in children and in adults are treated in two different modes – medications and psychotherapeutic interventions. Generally, and effective ADHD treatment would require utilizing the two forms of treatment. But then, there are more recorded cases of ADHD which reflected that more students prefer to have their ADHD treatment through medications alone. However, drugs used as part of ADHD treatment are not like the simple and typical drugs that can be often acquired over the counter. These drugs contain active ingredients and are very complex which can be very risky to use especially when there isn’t enough knowledge about the specific type of drug to take.

Three Types of Drugs Used in ADHD Treatment
ADHD drugs are basically categorized into three different types namely, stimulants, non- stimulants, and anti-depressants. The main task of stimulant drugs is to further increase the amount of dopamine present in the brain. There have been various formulations of stimulant ADHD medications. They can be long-acting drugs or short acting ones. Students with ADHD can also choose whether to use stimulants in tablets, capsules, or even in skin cream forms. Since stimulant drugs used in ADHD treatment are very complex formulations, there is a high likelihood of experiencing various side effects. They are also use don other purposes which makes them more prone of being abused.

Non-stimulants are somewhat like the safer versions of stimulant drugs in ADHD treatment. These drugs deliver the same positive effects on a person with ADHD but have lesser adverse effects and lesser known cases of abuse. Anti-depressants, on the other hand, are used only when stimulants and non-stimulants fail in providing the needed positive results.

Important Components in Making Effective Decision Making in ADHD Treatment
A student with ADHD can’t easily decide which specific type of drugs to use as ADHD treatment. Acquiring formal check-up and diagnosis from a certified medical expert is the only way to determine which medicine to use. ADHD also has different types as well as the levels of severity which are also essential factors in knowing which specific drug is most appropriate.

There are some students that experience better results from long acting stimulants than with the short acting ones. This simply means that lifestyles of students with ADHD must also be considered. After a week of no significant improvement from the present medication, the patient can either increase the dosage or simply move on to another one still with the supervision of a doctor.



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