Charles Schwab Dyslexia

May 10, 2011

Charles Schwab Dyslexia

Charles Schwab is the 55th richest person in the USA according to “Forbs magazine.” He was a very successful businessman, but here is something that people may not know. He is one of our famous person having dyslexia. Until the age of 40 he suffered from severe dyslexia. In business dyslexia can create many obstacles and interfere with certain tasks, such as following in meetings and designing business proposals. Despite having to face these challenges, he worked on improving his literacy skills and became a successful businessman.

Schwab’s difficulties with reading began in school as a young child when he was taunted by his classmates for being the slowest reader in class. Just imagine how it would feel to be labeled as incompetent and teased by one’s classmates continuously? Having to read evoked a lot of anxiety in Schwab as he was growing up, but he overcame this through his determination and hard work and studied economics at Stanford University. He later became the founder of “eponymous discount brokerage house,” which has made him a very successful businessman.
Schwab did not only have to overcome his own obstacles, as his son was also diagnosed with dyslexia. In response to this, Schwab decided to increase public awareness about the symptoms of and struggles associated with dyslexia. He established the “Charles & Helen Schwab Foundation” to help other people who are living with dyslexia.

Schwab overcame his struggles by finding a career that he was passionate about pursuing and focusing on achieving his goals. Accordingly, he said: “I think what is really true for kids who have these issues is, as soon as you can, find out what you really like in life and focus on it as hard as you can.” Schwab demonstrates that if a person is ambitious and determined nothing can prevent them from achieving their goals.

He is one of famous people with learning disability presented on the website of that try to ameliorate the general students with learning disabilities in college.


Effectiveness of Applying Art in Special Education

May 9, 2011

Art facilitates the expression of an individual’s feelings and ideas. Within the regular curriculum, art is no longer mandatory once students reach the higher grades. Furthermore, art is only applied within the context of other academic subjects or limited in its scope of application, such as being restricted to creating posters or pamphlets. However, for students with special needs, art should continue to be emphasized, as a means of facilitating the integration of academic material within the curriculum of special ed schools. Given that art is an expression of one’s feelings and ideas, it makes the material being taught relevant to an individual’s real life experiences.

Accordingly, Vize (2010) stated that art is a great subject to emphasize among students with special needs, as it promotes the development of literacy, numeracy, communication, creativity, as well as, social skills. Art promotes the development of literacy because academic material can both be integrated with and reflect and/or express the student’s emotions and personal experience. Art can also help sustain the student’s efforts and determination as it helps them appreciate the effort that is exerted, as well as, providing them with a hope for future success. The communication of ideas can also be facilitated through the use of art, which could also be a valuable assessment tool for learning, as opposed to standard testing. Furthermore, art can optimize student’s development and appreciation of their artistic abilities, as well as, promoting the development of cognitive and decision-making skills. Finally, by helping students express themselves art can promote significant improvement in social skills, which in turn facilitates communication between students and teachers and among peers.

Despite the great number of skills that can be facilitated through the use of art, it is at the teacher’s discretion as to how art will be used to optimize learning for students with special needs. Accordingly, it has been suggested that the preferential use of creative activities is determined by a plethora of factors, including the teacher’s assessment of the capabilities of their students and the nature of the activity itself. Through the use of appropriate artistic activities students can gain great satisfaction, which is derived from successfully completing tasks on their own (, 2011). The diversity inherent in art can help teachers discover their students’ strengths and talents, as well as, helping students appreciate their own abilities. This can be especially beneficial with students in special ed schools, as it facilitates the integration of academic material and the development of social skills that are necessary for effective communication.

In conclusion, special education art, for special education art and art in special education can optimize learning by helping students express their feelings, which helps them understand and integrate academic material within the context of their real life experiences. Through art, teachers can assess their students holistically and gain a greater understanding of their emotions and psychological needs. As a creative approach to learning, art can help teachers maintain their student’s interest facilitating learning and making the learning experience enjoyable for the student.

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Annette Funicello; We Never stop Loving her!

May 7, 2011

Annette Joanne Funicello is an amazing actress and one of the most impressive women in the world. Even if she was impressive and had a magical way to entertain people in a natural manner. Even with two dramatic events in her life we still love her. I am 26 years old men, and I was born in 1985. It is just to say that, even if I am young I can really appreciate the work that is has done.

She is inspiring a person because she is dealing with a lost of her vision and her voice, which must not be easy for someone who passing her life entertaining people. She was also strike by multiple sclerosis.
Annette Joanne Funicello//

We need to remind our self that she is a woman with strong values. Many are saying that women never complained but knew her limits. She is being referred as brave and for me, she is simply a source of inspiration for me. I am currently facing some problem in my life, and I received many diagnoses and knowing about her make and will make me face good for many years.

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Aimee Mullins

May 6, 2011

Aimee Mullins is an amazing person. She is a source of inspiration for a lot of people around the world.

She first starts work with an artist named Matthew Barney, who presented some artistic movies in the Guggenheim Museum in 2003. She is mainly recognized as a model due to her wonderful and attractive picture published in many famous magazines like Vogue and Glamour. She is also recognized as a very athletic person.

Furthermore, Aimee helped many non-profit organization and conferences for various corporations like TED and TED/MED. She was wonderful in presenting many prosthesis legs in this special global conference. Please look at this video and be amazed by this wonderful woman! I just love her!

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Benefits of Using Checklist for Adult ADHD

May 5, 2011

One possible reason why there are a growing number of individuals suffering from ADHD is that only a few people are aware of the essentiality of determining the presence of ADHD in the earliest possible time. An assessment can’t be simply done by just plain observation on the person and his behaviors. What affected individuals need to know is that even formal diagnosis conducted by medical professionals require 2 or more tests to come up with a firm and reliable result. However, the checklist for adult deficit disorder disorder makes it possible for any person to assess themselves anywhere they are at any time of the day.

Why use the checklist for adult ADHD?
A visit to the doctor is still the most important action to take when one needs to make sure he has ADHD or not. However, regular check-ups these days have become quite heavy on the pocket that a lot of people can’t afford to pay a visit without first making sure they have the disorder or not. And this can only lead to some people letting the opportunity in curing their disability to pass. The checklist for adult ADHD symbolizes a new hope for all college students who have been having problems with their unusual behaviors. It serves as a stepping stone towards effective treatment for their learning disability in a cheaper yet effective way. There are many good reasons why one should acquire and use the checklist for adult ADHD. Here are some of them:

Can be easily acquired on the internet – the internet serves as the widest and easiest source of various types of information. By logging on to the online world, one can easily acquire the checklist for adult ADHD in faster and hassle free transactions right in his own bedroom.
Less expensive – usually, a checklist for adult ADHD does not cost a single dime in the online world. And even when it costs something to get yourself one, the price doesn’t exceed $50.
Can be used to assess both children and adults – as mentioned earlier, ADHD in children is considered to be different from the ones in adults. However, the checklist is made to fit the assessment needs of both children and adults.
Instant result interpretations – the checklist for adult ADHD can either be conducted manually or through the help of the online tool provided by the site. For faster yet precise results, a student with ADHD can use the tool.


Our Website for special need student;

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Important Facts About Checklist for Adult ADHD

May 5, 2011

The case of ADHD in children is almost entirely different to that in adults. One major difference is observed on their signs and symptoms wherein ADHD in adults is far more difficult and complicating to confirm. This is simply why a checklist for adult deficit disorder was developed to provide a reliable tool in helping individuals conduct self-assessments and immediately take the necessary steps for ADHD treatment. Because of its informality, the checklist for adult ADHD is not considered as an equal alternative for the doctor’s diagnosis. Once self-assessment indicates the person to be positive in ADHD, there will then be a clear and firm basis for visiting the doctor.

Where can you get your checklist for adult ADHD?
The checklist for adult ADHD is comprised of all the common behaviors and indicators of the said learning impairment. All you need is a computer set, a clear internet connection, and an Adobe reader to get yourself a copy of the checklist. Various websites offer a downloadable file of the checklist and there are some wherein you can immediately have it printed directly from its webpage.

Interpreting the acquired data in your checklist for adult deficit disorder. . .
Data acquired from using the checklist does not require a simple interpretation. There are lots of surrounding elements that need to be taken into consideration before comprehensive information is acquired. To be positive with ADHD, a person needs to score at least 6 in any category of the listed symptoms. The category refers to the type of ADHD the person can be having such as Inattentive, Hyperactive-Compulsive, and the combined ADHD. This clearly means that the checklist for adult ADHD does not only help make affirmation on ADHD but also of the specific type the student has.
What you need to read the checklist for adult ADHD. . .
The checklist for adult ADHD is far different to the typical checklist you usually encounter in your daily life. Your mind needs to be well prepared before you use the checklist to conduct assessments. Open-mindedness with appropriate considerations of all involved factors is crucial in getting the needed results. Although you can expect any college student to try and deal with such a problem on his own, appropriate and supportive guidance from parents is still essential.


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