Annette Funicello; We Never stop Loving her!

Annette Joanne Funicello is an amazing actress and one of the most impressive women in the world. Even if she was impressive and had a magical way to entertain people in a natural manner. Even with two dramatic events in her life we still love her. I am 26 years old men, and I was born in 1985. It is just to say that, even if I am young I can really appreciate the work that is has done.

She is inspiring a person because she is dealing with a lost of her vision and her voice, which must not be easy for someone who passing her life entertaining people. She was also strike by multiple sclerosis.
Annette Joanne Funicello//

We need to remind our self that she is a woman with strong values. Many are saying that women never complained but knew her limits. She is being referred as brave and for me, she is simply a source of inspiration for me. I am currently facing some problem in my life, and I received many diagnoses and knowing about her make and will make me face good for many years.

To see another article I wrote that was published over the website for students with disabilities call students needs, you can press on her name annette joanne funicello and you will be transfer directly to the article

Steve St-Pierre



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