Charles Schwab Dyslexia

Charles Schwab Dyslexia

Charles Schwab is the 55th richest person in the USA according to “Forbs magazine.” He was a very successful businessman, but here is something that people may not know. He is one of our famous person having dyslexia. Until the age of 40 he suffered from severe dyslexia. In business dyslexia can create many obstacles and interfere with certain tasks, such as following in meetings and designing business proposals. Despite having to face these challenges, he worked on improving his literacy skills and became a successful businessman.

Schwab’s difficulties with reading began in school as a young child when he was taunted by his classmates for being the slowest reader in class. Just imagine how it would feel to be labeled as incompetent and teased by one’s classmates continuously? Having to read evoked a lot of anxiety in Schwab as he was growing up, but he overcame this through his determination and hard work and studied economics at Stanford University. He later became the founder of “eponymous discount brokerage house,” which has made him a very successful businessman.
Schwab did not only have to overcome his own obstacles, as his son was also diagnosed with dyslexia. In response to this, Schwab decided to increase public awareness about the symptoms of and struggles associated with dyslexia. He established the “Charles & Helen Schwab Foundation” to help other people who are living with dyslexia.

Schwab overcame his struggles by finding a career that he was passionate about pursuing and focusing on achieving his goals. Accordingly, he said: “I think what is really true for kids who have these issues is, as soon as you can, find out what you really like in life and focus on it as hard as you can.” Schwab demonstrates that if a person is ambitious and determined nothing can prevent them from achieving their goals.

He is one of famous people with learning disability presented on the website of that try to ameliorate the general students with learning disabilities in college.


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